Call for Submission Vol.3 No.2 (2021)


Submissions Deadline: January 22, 2021

Issue Theme: Pathways to Radical Change

Theme Description: Threats to global public health, deep-rooted and systemic racial inequity, and worsening climate disruption represent some of the seemingly unmanageable challenges that have reached a breaking point and call for positive and comprehensive radical change. How do educators, activists, community leaders, and other concerned citizens respond in ways that bring about transformative and sustainable solutions that imagine new possibilities and amplify racial and social justice reform? What actionable changes in teaching and learning foster positive and deeply effective alternatives that result in healthy, compassionate, and just societies?

Possible prompts for parents, teachers, students, administrators, professors, school staff members, elected officials, community educators, elders, and others follow. Submissions are welcome via text files, video, audio, and/or artistic works.

  • How do we transform education to make it inclusive, relevant and just? What changes can be implemented that invite students to be the innovators and creators of better societies?
  • What competencies do we need to develop in order to be effective in creating this new, transformative, necessary version of education?
  • What lessons are we learning from the COVID pandemic that can be shared andused to transform education?
    • Are there ways to combat unequal access to critical resources such as food, childcare, technology and more?
    • What is the pandemic helping us to see and understand about unique student learning needs and pernicious equity gaps? What solutions are emerging?
  • Are there transformative changes to educational policy at federal, state, and local levels that support the creation of resilient and inclusive societies?
  • What books have you read that you would like others to know about relative to the theme of this issue? Book reviews are welcomed and invited.
  • What artistic expressions help you to imagine the radical changes that are needed? Creative contributions (video files, audio files, and image files) are welcomed and invited.
  • What do we need and/or what must we do to ensure that we are teaching anti-racism

For complete details see "Call for Submissions Vol. 3 No. 2