Call for Submission Vol.4 No.1 (2021)


Submission Deadline: September 30, 2021

Issue Theme: Reflections on the Pandemic: Calls for Healing and Action

Description: The COVID-19 global pandemic affected all aspects of people’s lives, crossing geographical borders, socio-economic strata, age and gender. Education systems were severely disrupted as teachers of all levels of instruction and students in all circumstances grappled with alternative modalities for learning in dramatically changed environments. Many educators, parents, students, and members of the educational community showed profound resilience and perseverance as they adapted to new academic ecosystems. But this crisis also highlighted and exacerbated the barriers to learning that many marginalized populations face, making the need for equitable access to academic opportunity a critical focal point of recovery. This issue invites scholarship, oral histories, stories and reflections to inform actions that will address inequities, foster resilience, and develop creative, supportive, and inclusive learning environments from the insights and lessons learned from this shared experience.

Possible prompts for parents, teachers, students, administrators, professors, school staff members, elected officials, community educators, elders, and others follow. Submissions are welcome via text files, video, audio, and/or artistic works.

  • How will we address the social, economic, and health inequities of students that were highlighted and exacerbated by the pandemic?
  • What were some of the most profound observations and lessons learned for educators who taught through the pandemic?
  • What reflections, stories, and lessons emerged from students, parents, and caregivers who experienced such rapid and dramatic change in their lives?
  • What has changed in the way we teach and in our learning environments as a result of the restrictions and lockdowns our educators and our students experienced?
  • How do we address student feelings of uncertainty and anxiety because of such fundamental and tumultuous change -- are there ways in which resources should be redistributed to emphasize mental health and wellness programs?
  • How were racial injustices which became a flashpoint during the pandemic experienced? How did advocates for justice navigate the need for civic engagement with the disruptions and barriers presented by the pandemic?
  • What therapeutic actions and methods of care for self or others offered relief and solace?

For complete details see "Call for Submissions Vol. 4 No. 1