Assessment Overview

A guide to various kinds and reasons for assessment before, during, and after teaching

  • Jeanne M. Grier CSU Channel Islands


This presentation provides an introductory guide for key terms often used when discussing assessment practices in schools, as well as reasons for conducting learning assessments. Distinctions are made between assessments, measurements, and evaluations as a framework for beginning the overview. The presentation ends with putting assessments in the context of instruction and their relation to learning objectives and instructional practices.

Author Biography

Jeanne M. Grier, CSU Channel Islands

Dr. Jeanne Grier, a former high school biology teacher, is a Professor of Secondary Education at California State University Channel Islands and has been with the faculty since the opening of the university in 2002. She currently serves as Chair of Graduate Programs in the School of Education where assessment and grading have been areas of interest and passion in her teaching. Recently, she has led two cohorts of faculty colleagues in “Faculty Inquiry Projects” on the topic of grading in higher education courses. Her research interests include career changers as teachers and teacher identity.