An annual volume of community-based research

    CBR@CSUCI is an annual digital volume of community-based research (CBR) reports collaboratively produced by students and faculty members in partnership with community partners associated with California State University Channel Islands. All reports submitted for inclusion are reviewed by the Editorial Board to ensure that published reports represent rigorous research, presented in a clear and accessible fashion, and make an identifiable contribution to the community. The volume is designed to collect and highlight the best community based research conducted in our community, and to make it widely available to our campus, our community, and beyond.

    See the journal's homepage for submission details.

  • Allies for Education

    Allies for Education (A4E) is CSU Channel Islands' online, open-access journal for students, parents, G-16+ educators and administrators (gestation through graduate school), elected officials, and other concerned community members

    A4E publishes brief, accessible, peer-reviewed research summaries and other education-related works. It exists to engage and inform the public about educational issues that have been diluted, misappropriated, confused, complicated, or otherwise made inaccessible. A4E works are short and approachable, ideal for focused, text-based discussions. Submissions in English and Spanish are welcome. Authors are invited to write for one of six sections of the journal, the purposes of which are:

    Purpose A: to promote research-based discussion about education and related disciplines, encouraging connections and conversations that we have not typically had across our roles in education

    • Section 1: Problems in Education--Making Good Use of Legislation, Policy, and Research. How can published, reputable works summarizing legislation, policy, and/or research be applied to address current issues in education? (written for the general public, typically 1500-2500 words or 5-7 minute audio/video files)

    • Section 2: Original Research Studies. What recent, original research has been conducted that can help A4E readers to better understand current issues in education? (scholarly in nature, typically 1500-2500 words or 5-7 minute audio/video files)

    Purpose B: to deepen understandings across our various roles in education through sharing personal perspectives and experiences (published anonymously, upon request)

    • Section 3: Perspectives from the Field. As a student parent, educator, administrator, elected official, or other community member, what is your experience or perspective on x, y, or z that you wish people in other roles could better understand and take into account when making decisions and taking actions? (accepted works are typically 1500-2500 words or 5-7 minute audio/video) NOTE: Articles accepted for publication in Perspectives from the Field can be published anonymously, upon request to the editor. This request can be made when uploading the submission or any time prior to publication, after the article has been accepted.

    Purpose C: to provide a space for students, parents, G-16+ educators and administrators, elected officials, and other community members to publish other works to promote learning and conversation

    • Section 4: Self Care and Health. Which research findings and other perspectives in health and/or physical education are important for A4E readers (i.e., parents, educators, students, administrators, elected officials, and other community members) to understand and be able to discuss with each other? (accepted works are typically 1000-2500 words or 5-7 minute audio/video)

    • Section 5: Creative Works. How can creativity put readers in better touch with important issues in education? How can those issues be represented, other than via academic writing? (accepted works are typically <1000 words or 3-5 minute audio/video)

    • Section 6: Book Reviews. What is the best new book you’ve read that you would recommend for readers in one of the following categories? Children’s Books, Young Adult Fiction, Parenting Books, Books for Educators (accepted works are typically <1000 words or 3-5 minute audio/video)