Circle Structure: Utilizing the Wisdom in the Room

  • Lori Steed Sortino Independent Consultant


Lori Sortino suggests that by beginning in circle we can approach issues within our classroom, school site or district in a way that all voices are heard, needs can be met, and available resources can find their application with an emphasis on personal responsibility and compassion.

Author Biography

Lori Steed Sortino, Independent Consultant

Lori Sortino hosts circles and teaches circle structure. She is a practitioner of a variety of methodologies and practices for deepening relationships and creating more meaningful lives. Her interests include Graphic Design, American Sign Language, Whole Language Learning Systems, Large Scale Change Methodologies and Participatory Leadership, Organizational Development, Systems Thinking, Bio-Metaphysical Energy Systems Therapy, and Permaculture.

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classroom management; mental health; behavioral strategies; resource management; dialogue structure